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A Moment Of Innocence Dialogue List (English)

Tue, 09/12/2014 - 04:40

A Moment Of  Innocence
Who’s there?
Hello Madam.
I am here to see Mr.Makhmalbaf .
He doesn’t live here.
I was given this address.
Further down, Not the first street, the 2nd.
The 3rd door with a staircase. The green door.
That’s Mr.Makhmalbaf’s house.
Thank you, sorry to disturb you.
Hey Girl!
Are you Mr.Makhmalbaf’s daughter?
Can you call him?
He’s not in.
Where is he?
At work.
When does he get back?
This evening.
Can you give him a message?
Let me just put my bag down.
I’m listening.
Do you want to be an actor?
How did you know?
Whenever someone I don’t know coms here it’s because he wants to be an actor.
Can you give him a message for me?
What’s the message?
Tell him it’s “the policeman you tried to disarm...”
If you’re a policeman why become an actor?
I am not a policeman anymore.
I am an ordinary citizen.
I used to be during the days of Shah, 20 years ago.
I got knifed, so I resigned.
I work for myself now.
If you are a policeman where’s your gun?
My gun?
I am not a policeman anymore.
That was 20 years ago.
You father was a militant.
He was 17.
I was a policeman then.
He tried to disarm me.
He stabbed me, but I was holding my gun. He couldn’t get it off me.
Why do you want to be an actor?
I have my own reasons.
I need to do it.
I can’t tell you.
Why can’t you?
Shall I note down my address?
Here’s a gift for you.
And socks for your father.
Out teacher told us not to write in this book.
I got top grades in science.
Give it to me.
We are not to write in this book either.
So give me that one.
Well done.
No, write at the back, not the middle.
Do you do all your homework?
Get top grades in everything?
Tell your dad the policeman came by.
All right.
Don’t forget and say hello too.
“The subject has been chosen”
How old are you?
Is everyone 17.
Are you 17 too?
No, I’m 15.
Then go out!
Are you 17 too?
What class are you in?
8th grade.
What do you want to be?
I want to save mankind.
What does that mean?
I want to save poor people, innocent people.
How will you do that?
Whichever way I can.
I don’t care how.
How many human being are there?
One and a half billion.
How many human being are there?
Six billion.
What about you?
If I manage to solve my own problems, that’s a start.
Mankind can solve its own problems.
So you don’t want to…
No, Solving my own problems is good enough.
Can I even do that?
Do you think he can solve all our problems?
No, he can’t!
Thanks, guys.
That camera’s making noise.
You can go.
Us too?
I needed one person and I’ve found him. You stay.
What about us?
The boy who wanted to save the world.
The others can go!
Zeinal, come to take a photo of us.
keep the camera rolling.
you can go.
Are you ready?
Smile, Mohsen!
“Young Makhmalbaf has been chosen”
Your turn.
I’d like to play myself.
Choose a young man to play you.
Are you ready?
Take your glasses off.
Push your hair back.
All Right…
Look this way.
He doesn’t look like me.
No, he has small eyes.
Go on.
look the other way.
Put your shoulders back.
His eyes look a lot like mine.
if we put a cap on him…
He could play me.
He doesn’t look like you!
Say something ordinary.
Not imitating someone?
I don’t want you to imitate an actor.
“I don’t like you.”
No, more ordinary!
“I don’t like you.”
He is very photogenic.
He has a nice face.
If we put a cap on him, can’t he play me as a boy?
I don’t think so.
Try to be yourself. Say something.
I am trying to be myself.
No, that’s not it!
What’s “not it”?
Look, talk naturally.
You’re mixing me up.
Ok, Mr.Zeinal.
I’ve chosen the young me.
Take a photo of us.
Thanks very much.
Put your arms on his shoulder too.
Ready? Smile.
That’s good.
I’ll be right back.
I’ll show it to Mohsen.
Excuse me. Where are you from?
I am from Oroumieh.
Have you acted before?
I’ve been in a few things.
It was good.
But I’d prefer more positive parts.
Come with me.
Who, Me?
Yes, you.
Am I leaving?
I’ll explain later.
Put your arm around him. smile.
Put your arm around him too.
Excuse me, Mr.Zeinal.
He doesn’t look like me.
No, He doesn’t look like me.
Look at my photo.
I think he looks more like you than the other one.
He doesn’t Mr.Zeinal.
Stop making excuses.
I am not.
Could we use the other one?
You said this part was vital to you.
I know I said that, but…
Wait, I’ll ask Mohsen what he thinks.
All Right.
So where are you from?
Oroumieh! I am from Babak.
Is it true it’s cold there. It is too cold to go out.
I’ve never acted before. Is it hard?
I’m trembling already.
I hope people who see me on the screen would not laugh at me.
I hope they won’t.
What’s the director like?
Is he fair?
I don’t want an impossible part.
Is he nice?
I don’t know.
You’ve got the lead role and you don’t know?
That’s not possible! Yesterday you were recruiting actors, now you don’t know!
Tell me!
So have you decided?
But you went to ask him!
I did. Mohsen thinks this guy’s good.
I do too. We think he’s better.
No, he’s not suitable to me.
I did all I could.
Don’t go you’ll be sorry.
If you regret it, send someone to Oroumieh. I’m going.
Mohsen, come here!
The Policeman sulking!
A Problem with the actor.
I am afraid he’ll go back home.
See that tree sticking out?
He’ll be back before he gets there.
It’s important to him to act.
Snow sweeper!
Snow Sweeper!
Mohsen, he’s going away!
Don’t worry. He’ll be back.
But go get him if you like.
Mr.Makhmalbaf, What’s the film about?
Why do you ask?
It’d help me to act.
I want to recapture my youth with a camera.
He’s coming back!
I just wanted to say, if you leave, you’ll be replaced.
No You’re lying. You came to get me. I saw you through the trees…
Why can’t I play the young me?
I want you to direct the actor.
I don’t know how to.
I’ll help you.
You just tell him what happened that day.
When you were attacked what you felt like.
Tell him all about it.
On Friday go to the bazaar.
Wait for us there.
The young you is coming.
Take him to the tailor’s for a policeman’s uniform.
Can you pay?
I’ll pay you back after.
You both go to the meeting-point.
Young Makhmalbaf attacks him…
Which young Makhmalbaf?
Never you mind.
You direct the young you and Mohsen, his.
Go over there by that tree.
Stand beside each other.
You are him at 20, and you are him at 40.
Put your arms around his shoulders.
You too. a bit more.
Ready? Good.
Look at each other.
Don’t forget to smile.
“The young policeman has been chosen”
Are you mad at me?
Why should I be?
Because I didn’t want you to play me.
I was, but we’ve had our photo taken. We’re friends now.
I wanted to play the young me.
If anyone else does it instead, it doesn’t matter if it’s you or someone else.
But you really wanted the good looking gigolo, didn’t you?
No, that’s not it.
He was more photogenic.
That’s the only reason.
No, You had another reason for wanting him.
Anyway, I apologise.
Let’s forget it. We have to go to the tailor’s to get you a uniform.
First I have to make an urgent call to Oroumieh.
Hello Mr. Lotfolah.
You still work here.
Your hair’s white, you look older.
That’s life.
Don’t you recognise me?
No. Have I made cloths for you?
I came here 20 years ago and you made my uniforms.
I don’t even remember what I ate last night.
I’d like you make him a uniform.
One like in the days of the Shah.
Don’t mention him.
I am not making his uniforms.
Ok, we won’t.
This uniform is for a film.
Oh, a film! You should’ve said so.
I’ve a suit up there. Ali!
Show him that policeman’s uniform up there!
Go see up there!
Go on, try it on.
I hope it’s not too big.
Go try it on.
So you’re going to be in a film…
That’s right.
Are you the bad guy.
I used to go to the cinema a lot.
Remember Kirk Douglas?
Remember Anthony Quinn?
I hear he’s had a face lift.
He want to marry Sophia Loren.
No, he’s married man.
People say some crazy things about stars.
That’s how it is in movies…
We saw a great film at the Rex: “ The Vikings”.
Kirk Douglas was so good.
The Vikings’ aim is to die,
Sword in hand…
The zipper won’t close!
He’ll fix it. Ali, see to it.
Make him a nice uniform and i’ll tell the director to give you a part.
He’s my friend.
I am an artist myself.
I used to go to Lalehzar street and see all the movies.
At the cinema IRAN, I saw a great movie.
“Spartacus”- What a film!
There was a film by John Ford too.
“ a Movie as big as its director, the man with 4 OSCARS.”
Look at me.
Isn’t that perfect for the film?
Ali will see to it.
you make sure you do a good job.
It is too big. What can I do?
Do the best you can.
We saw some great movies, believe me.
Actors would come here and I’d make their cloths.
Remember John Wayne?
He was “the Conqueror” about Genghiz Khan.
The sleeves are threadbare.
He’ll fix that.
Ali, see to that too.
He’s hard to please.
Anyway, do your best. Be careful.
As I was saying, he was in “ The Conqueror”.
He said: “ How many Vikings were there?”
- “30?”

  • “ Take 60 men and defeat them!”

My clothes’ll get wet in thus snow.
He’ll yell at me.
Who’s “he”? I am your director!
I say you should walk in the snow to wear in you clothes.
Are you a director?
Of course.
Didn’t you hear Mr.Zeinal say: “ Go and direct the young you”?
You know how to direct?
Everyone knows best how to direct one’s young self.
When I was a police man, I didn’t have a model to behave like him.
Where are you taking me?
To learn your craft.
Stand over there.
Imagine this is a general’s house.
Put your cap on.
I feel intimidated.
Don’t be. Put it on.
This is a general’s house.
If he’s attacked, you’ll be shot.
And make sure you don’t get distracted.
If anyone asks you for directions or anything, don’t get distracted.
Don’t get caught out…
If the general’s daughter goes past, don’t start trembling.
Don’t fall in love with the first girl you see.
Mind no one take your gun.
Always take care of your gun.
I’ll test you now.
Excuse me, where’s Banafsheh’ Street?
Straight on.
Keep hold of your gun!
I’m sorry.
You must always keep hold of your gun.
I’ll try to catch you out.
I’ll ask you a question.
Excuse me, where’s Banafshe’ Street?
Make sure you keep your hands on your gun.
Good, that’s it!
Listen, I’ll come back.
Imagine I’m the general.
Let’s see what you’re capable of.
“Hello”! What is that?
You don’t say “Hello” in the army! You Salute.
Here comes the general.
That’s how you salute. 
Show me.
That’s feeble. Give me the Cap.
You’re one of the Shah’s general.
I am a Policeman. Look at me.
Come here, general.
What’s funny?
I am not a general!
It is not funny.
Who was Reza Shah anyway?
An ordinary soldier who became king.
If you do well, you’ll become a general.
Imagine there’s an army here.
We’ll inspect them.
Look at what I do and you do the same.
Like this.
I am Hungry.
Is that “wish soup”?
Where’s it from?
By the old gate.
I don’t dare knock.
What? Do it!
Not that door!
That one’s for women.
They’ll be surprise to see we are not women.
Knock on the men’s door.
Look, if I knock twice, it means there’s 2 men.
Where are we going next?
The florist’s.
What for?
To buy Flowers.
But what for?
When I went I duty I had a flower for a girl.
You rascal!
Do you know why I wanted to give her a flower?
Everyday she’d ask me a question.
She’d ask me the time or she’d ask for directions.
Until one day, O fell in love with her.
Who is it?
Excuse me, Madam.
Do still hand out “wish soup” here?
Yes. There are 2 of you?
Yes, but it’s for one person.
All right.
Thank you.
It’s unlucky to talk about things like this.
They won’t let us be in the film.
Why not?
You hear what Mr.Zeinal said: “Tell the  young man everything you did. All your thoughts, all that happened, when you were a policeman.”
So, I wanted to give a girl a flower and I got stabbed.
Then, what did you do?
I was so unhappy, I fell ill.
May your wishes come true.
Don’t you want any?
No, eat up.
When I was  on duty, One day a girl asked me the time, and the next day , for directions.
The day after, something else…
I thought she loved me.
I loved her.
How can you fall in love on duty at some crossroads?
It happened, i met her there.
You are a rascal!
I loved her and wanted to marry her.
So what happened?
I didn’t give her the flower, because that director stabbed me.
What director?
Makhmalbaf when he was 17.
He stabbed me, now he’s a director.
Did you give her the flower?
No, I got stabbed.
I didn’t expect it.
And the girl disappeared.
Want anymore soup?
No, thanks.
Leave the bowl there when you’ve finished.
All right, thank you.
I don’t dare.
I feel stupid holding this.
What do you mean?
Just hold it!
If I were still young, I’d show you how to hold it properly.
I was on guard duty in this very bazaar.
The girl asked me a question.
I’d been wanting to give her a flower for a month, but my hand would shake.
Now stand at your post.
I’ll be the girl.
What do I do with the flower?
Put it down.
Excuse me, where’s Banafshe street?
Banafsheh street… over there.
No! You want to give her the flower but you can’t.
I know.
I’ll come back and we’ll try again.
Excuse me, where’s Shabnam street?
Not like that!
If I’d given her the flower that quickly, I wouldn’t have wasted 20 years!
You want to give me that flower, but your hand’s trembling and you can’t.
Who picked you?!
I chose the other boy, because he could act better!
It wasn’t only for his looks.
You can’t even do an easy scene like this!
I get it!
Well, we’ll rehearse it.
Excuse me, what time is it?
2 minutes to 12.
Thank you.
Did you see? did you?
It was just like that!
At first I thought  she was a student late for class.
But the next day, and the day after, it was the same.
I gradually saw she was up to something.
Tell it a bit faster, will you?
I’ll be ate. My mother’s ill and she’ll be worried.
If you are a spoilt kid, how can you save mankind?
If someone wants to save mankind, must he worry his mother?
No, he doesn’t have to, but you can’t do everything.
Just one question.
Do you love someone?
God, my mother, my father, my friends, human beings.
No, I mean a girl that you’d like to marry later on.
You’re the young me now.
So You love someone?
If you want to save mankind, how can you get married?
Two hands are better than one.
Who is she? someone in your family?
Your mom’s sister’s daughter?
Your dad’s sister daughter?
Your mom’s brother’ daughter?
Does she love you?
Did she say so?
So how do you know?
Each time she returns my books, there are flowers inside.
Where do you meet to talk?
When we visit her family.
What sort of book do you lend her?
Novels, Poetry, books on science, computing…
Does she read them?
Of course she does!
Does she? Have you asked her?
I can see she’s underlined the good bits.
Does she wants to save the mankind too?
How do you know?
By the sentences she underlines.
Is that enough to know she wants to save the mankind?
We are going to my cousin’s.
When I was young…
I lent her book and she underlined the good bits.
She put flowers inside.
Are you making fun of me?
Why do you think that?
You are repeating what I said.
So you’re making fun of me. because, as a boy, I did things you’re doing.
Listen up. I am going to tell you something.
My cousin, the one I lent books to and who put flowers in them, went with me to disarm the policeman.
We were both arrested, but she got off lightly.
She got out of the prison before me.
she married.
She has a daughter just like her.
She reminds me of her mother as a girl.
What was your cousin suppose to do?
She was to trap the cop, so I could disarm him.
She went to ask him for the time or for directions, to distract him so I could attack him.
Do you see?
We’re going to her house.
What for?
I’ll be right back.
Hey Cousin!
Aren’t you home?
Who is it?
It’s you, Mohsen?
It’s been a long time.
come in.
You come out a minute.
Come in, i am busy.
I can’t, there’s someone with me.
Have some tea.
Come to the door. I am not alone.
I am here with the young me to find the young you.
Hello, cousin.
How are you? come in.
Tell your mom to come.
Come in.
Tell her to come out.
I want your daughter to play the young you.
Do you remember your youth?
Happy days…
Remember the policeman?
My god never forgive you for what you did to him!
He wants to act.
I swear.
I want your daughter to play the young you. would she do it?
Leave me alone at my age.
It is for a film this time.
No, thanks.
Come have some tea.
What is it?
Have you forgotten I don’t drink tea?
Oh yes. It’s been a ling time.
 You still don’t drink tea?
I do now.
What a nice surprise!
Are the kids well?
Yes, and your husband?
Fine. How is your daughter?
She says hello.
So will you let me take your daughter to act in my film?
Mohsen, I don’t want her youth to be like mine.
You gave it all up?
Let’s not talk about the past.
Welcome. Here.
I don’t drink it.
Why not?
I don’t drink tea.
Mohsen, when do we disarm the policeman?
Friday at 10.
Is everything ready?
Are you sure?
You do as I told you. Ask him the time. Try to take him in.
All right.
Did you bring me a book?
Thank you.
Don’t underline anything. It’s on loan.
Maryam, come inside.
Come and have some fruit or something.
No, thank you, really.
That’s all right. Goodbye.
Cousin, tell my mom to let me go with you.
How much homework must I do?
How long must I stay in my room?
I don’t want to study anymore.
I’m sick and tired of it.
Mom, leave me alone. Let me go!
Come and get ready for school.
Please let me go.
Goodbye. Come again!
I’ve been cooped up here so long,
rehearsing by myself.
Come in, I said.
Stop Complaining!
I don’t want you to.
How long must I be shut in this house?
I don’t want you to do it.
If we went to see your cousin, do you think she’d agree to act in the film?
I think so.
Do you think she’d like to act?
Would we have to ask her father?
Let me see if she agrees first.
If so, you can ask her father.
Is she at home now?
No, she is at school.
Why didn’t your cousin’s daughter say yes?
Her mother was against it.
I thought she wanted to save mankind with you?
She did once…
School’s out.
Think so?
Well, go see if she’s willing to do it.
Hello, how are you?
I’ve got a part in a movie.
They need a young girl too.
The director told me to ask you.
Are you serious?
Will you do it?
Come talk to him.
Do you mean it?
Come with me.
Are you sure he’ll want me?
He asked for you.
She accepts.
You do?
Yes, I’d like to be in the film.
If you accept, can I discuss it with your father?
I’ll go see him. Goodbye.
Thank you.
Take care. You’re an actor now.
Can 2 people who want to save mankind marry?
Of course.
Can they still save mankind, when they have children?
Of course they can!
Two heads are better than one.
Kids  need looking after.
They’ll have no time for others.
Yes, they will. For instance, I ‘ll love my children and that’s good practice for loving other people.
It’ll help me to look after mankind.
It takes practice.
Where did you get to?
He’s a neighbour.
I don’t want that snoop to see us.
What time is it?
I don’t have a watch.
I’d like to be the father of mankind.
You could be the mother of mankind.
Interesting idea!
I don’t want to be my children's father.
There are so many orphans.
Mankind wouldn’t be in this state with a father.
Do you agree?
What about?
Being the mother of mankind?
On one condition.
Remember the Yazdi accent you had in that high school play?
Talk to me in that accent.
I’m being serious.
So am I, but can’t we talk seriously in Yazdi?
You want us to be mankind parents?
Do you know how many people you’ll have to look after?
A lot.
Six billion children.
Six Billion!
We haven’t room for them.
You don’t have to take them all home to look after them.
What then?
You just have to do something for them, show solidarity.
You can’t be their mother without knowing how many there are.
I’d like if you brought the number down a bit.
Could you even look after half?
That’s too many.
Not even a billion?
still too many.
What about 500,000?
Too many.
Do you think we have a school?
It’s not worth it then.
I’ll find another mother for mankind.
Someone who’ll look after everyone.
I’ll punish the father of mankind.
I want to be the mother.
Forget it.
Don’t be silly, I want to be.
Of course.
Promise to be a good mother?
Promise not to drink tea.
I promise.
Let’s light some candles and swear to be good parents.
Let’s stop talking Yazdi!
It was fun.
In the film we disarm a policeman.
Then, we hold up a royalist bank with his gun.
Hold up a bank?!
With the money, we can plant flower in Africa.
Or buy bread for the poor.
What? are you crazy!
Plant flower in Africa!
Look at this woman sitting down.
She’s hungry, she has no milk for her baby.
What woman? this is nonsense.
There will be for the film.
We’ll come back and see her here.
and fell sorry for her.
That’s why we’ll rob a bank.
I’m late. I must go.
Remember to get permission or the director won’t let you act in his film.
Anyhow, we had a good time. Bye.
What time is it please?
They don’t work.
They’re being repaired.
Oh, I’m sorry.
That’s ok.
Excuse me, What time is it?
2 minutes to 12.
See? she asked you the time.
That’s exactly how it happened.
I thought she was late for class, but the next day and the day after, I saw she was up to something.
You woke me.
I have a headache.
Take a tablet.
It’s no use.
Why hasn’t she come back to see me?
She may think you’re dead.
Maybe she does,
or else she’d have come back.
For a month she’d find any excuse to stop by:
Asking me the time or for the directions.
She must have loved me to see me so often.
I don’t know if you’re an actor or a dreamer.
I just don’t know.
I’m an actor and I want a positive part to find this girl again.
I won’t forgive the director if he doesn’t give me a positive part.
What’ll you do if he doesn’t?
I won’t forgive him… or god.
He struck me a blow once already, ruining my life.
He deprived me of love.
I try very hard to find a wife.
I go all over the place, I beg Makhmalbaf and fo what?
To find that girl?
I think of her so much. because one day at the bazaar in Oroumieh, I saw someone who looked so like her that I thought it was her.
When I went up to her, I saw by her thick eyebrows it wasn’t her.
I told my mom I should ask her to marry me.
The girl asked if I was an actor and I said no.
I realised she wished I were an actor, so I said I was.
Sh said: Why did you lie to me?”
I said I hadn’t.
“In Search of the young policeman”
Camera 1- Take 1
Stay there.
Mr. Zeinal, how do we divert his attention? 
“Young Makhmalbaf” comes to stab him.
He’ll realise what’s up.
We must distract him.
Let a passer-by ask him a question.
At the very moment, he can stab him.
I don’t know what to say.
I’m afraid the director will yell at us.
When my mother died, no one came to her funeral.
May she rest in peace…
Shall I come too?
Go back there!
Have you seen a ray of sunlight here?
The sun doesn’t stay in the same place.
I left a potted plant here.
I saw a woman carrying it back there.
A white flower?
I don’t remember.
Thank you.
Have you seen a potted plant?
Sir, have you seen a potted plant?
Have you seen a white flower?
You haven’t seen a white flower?
Ladies, have you seen a potted plant?
Did you take it?
Where is it?
We put it by the oven.
It was frozen.
We’re wasting time. Give it back.
Pass me the plant please.
Hello there
There is a knife in the glove box.
Press the button.
Stick it into your hand.
Into my hand?!
Don’t worry, it’s fake.
Isn’t there another way to save mankind?
Are you afraid?
You’re looking for excuses.
You told your cousin to wait outside?
Is that her?
Does she know what to do?
See, you are not hurt.
So I see, But I say again: Isn’t there any other way?
Say, change the way people think…
That is how the youth of today talk. When I was young…
Been waiting long?
Did your dad agree?
I have his consent here.
Why are you late?
I was reading this book.
Why did you put flowers between the pages?
Now then, you both go into the bazaar.
She tries to divert his attention by asking him a question:
“Can you give me directions? What time is it?”
Just then, you disarm the policeman.
If there were too many people, go back later.
Then, if the people crowd round, shout out slogans against the regime.
Why did you underline these bits?
There’s a great quotation there.
If people crowd round and try to stop us, we’ll shout this out.
this sentence.
Let’s go.
“While there are trees, there is life.”
Let’s go.
“In search of the young director”
Camera 2 - Take 1
Go into the frame.
You must ask him a question so I can take his gun.
What if he realises?
If you don’t do it, I’ll have to stab him, and I don’t want to.
No! Buy some bread!
Don’t look at the camera when I talk to you.
Stay back so I can see him.
Ask why he’s buying bread.
Why are you buying bread?
To hide the knife.
Let’s go down there.
Don’t look at the camera, Madam!
Help me. My child’s hungry.
Help a poor woman!
Thank you!
Say it in Farsi, not French.
May god grant you long life.
May god give you…
Many things and…
It’s ok. Carry on.
Help me.
My child’s hungry, I’m hungry…
Go on ahead,
Why are you crying?
I can’t stab him.
Don’t you want to save mankind?
I don’t want to stab him.
What about planting flowers in Africa?
Look at me.
Don’t you want to?
I don’t want to stab anybody.
We don’t need that to save mankind.
Let’s rehearse the scene.
Miss, we’ll start the scene again.
Take your knife.
Go on ahead.
Ok, Ready?
Put your hand down!
Now control yourself.
Is this potted plants yours?
it was frozen.
There is no policeman here to ask!
There is no one her to ask!
We’re too early.
We’ll comeback when they’re here.
Run, run!
There was a ray of sunlight here.
The sun doesn’t stay in the same place.
I left a plant here.
I saw a woman carrying it back there.
A white flower?
I don’t remember.
“ In search of young Makhmalbaf”
Camera 2 - Take 2
You must distract him so I can get his gun.
What if he realises?
I’ll have to stab him and I don’t want that!
Let’s buy bread.
To hide the knife.
I am in hurry. Can I go first?
go on ahead.
I don’t want to play the bad guy.
We’ll see.
If he gives me a part like that, I’ll smash his face in!
Young Makhmalbaf is coming.
Which one?
The one with the bread.
We won’t reshoot this scene.
Be very careful.
Don’t mess it up.
There won’t be a second take.
Excuse me, What time is it?
Cut, Mr.Zeinal!
Are you with “ young Makhmalbaf”?
I am sorry.
What’s up?
i quit.
Are you acting crazy again?
I am going back home.
Go get him!
He’s gone crazy
Zeinal, what’s up?
Hold this!
He asked her a question and stormed off.
What did he ask?
If I was with Makhmalbaf.
Why did he go?
He went crazy when he saw her.
Shall we go too.
We can’t go on.
The place will be crowded soon.
Shall I go get him?
You can go too.
I’ll pick you up on Friday.
Mr.Zeinal, keep this or my dad’ll yell at me.
Go on then.
Go get him, Zeinal.
Where are you off to?
Back home.
Why go back there?
I quit.
What about me?
Not my problem.
I won’t let you go.
Beat it! I quit.
But you said…
I said I quit.
You said the girl from Oroumieh was different.
That’s why. The real girl was false and the other one’s even more false.
Wait I want to talk to you.
I am not staying here.
I’m going.
I quit acting.
Listen to me!
My honour at stake if I don’t act.
That’s not my concern.
I have been adrift for 20 years.
Was anyone sorry for me?
You promised we’d act together.
I thought I rediscover my life.
I wanted to act for the sake of my life.
I didn’t know I’d be thwarted.
What’ll I tell them back home?
Say what you like!
You’re not worried about my problems?
Your problems aren’t mine.
You promised.
I promised, but… it’s all wrong.
He tried to kill me.
Stay for my sake!
I tried for a month to give her the flower, but I didn’t know how to.
Each time I was about to, my hand shook and my heart fluttered.
Now you be me at 20, I’ll be the girl.
Go and stand there.
Is that Ok?
That’s fine.
Imagine I’m the girl.
If anyone stops to speak,
shoot them.
Even If I asked you something, shoot me.
I am to shoot you too?!
Now, I’ll ask you something.
I didn’t know she didn’t love me and wanted to kill me.
So shoot!
Excuse me, where’s Banafshe street?
I can’t.
Why not?
You are like a brother to me.
20 years of my life for nothing…
Adrift for 20 years because of her.
So shoot!
I can’t shoot you.
I can’t, you’re my friend.
I am telling you to!
I am not me, I am the girl.
Shoot me.
Give it to me.
Go over there and come back.
You’re the girl, I am the cop.
Come and ask me a question.
Pretend to think of something else.
Excuse me…
Go on ahead.
What time is it, please?
Excuse me, what time is it?
Excuse me,
Can you tell me the time?