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Time Of Love Dialogue List (English)

Fri, 13/12/2013 - 16:47

I wish you had done your military service.
I wish you were a taxi driver.
Then my mother would have allowed me to marry you.
I polish everyone’s shoes, thinking of your steps.
Where are you going?
Wherever you like.
My wife is prettier than you and I love her.
- Shoeshiner!
Where are you going?
-I go shopping.
By taxi?!
Someone might be waiting for her in the sea.
Love brought her back to life.
This sea made me fall in love.
Once I was in love, but did not have a beloved one.
Until I met you.
You don’t have a beloved one anymore, because you just lost me.
I was a good taxi driver.
I paid all my tickets on time.
I paid all my taxes.
I was loyal to my family.
My wife was all I loved.
When she cheated on me, I had nothing left in this life to keep calm for.
I never thought I would kill anyone in my life.
You are sentenced to death.
You may do your last plea.
I defended my dignity.
If I did nothing, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself ever.
I did my duty.
I am happy.
But personally, I am not happy.
The Judge doesn’t gain anything by killing someone.
It is the society which gains.
The court has to defend the people’s right to live.
No one except the law is allowed to take the life of other people.
I wish I was able to let you go.
I understand your situation.
But I can not do anything for you.
But since you have given yourself in, you may choose the way you are killed.
Throw me in the sea.
My grandma used to say, whoever dies in the sea will be born again.
Don’t kill my son-in-law.
I am happy with him.
He had provided my daughter with a good life.
Do you have anything else to say?
Yes, there is one thing that upsets me.
I have made my wife’s life easy.
I have provided her everything she liked.
Why did she fall in love with a shoe shiner?
Is a taxi driver less worthy than a shoe shiner?
Why did you make me to marry someone whom I didn’t love, mom?
My daughter, you don’t understand.
The life is not all about love.
I have experienced this three times. 
I wish you had done your military service.
I wish you were a taxi driver.
Then my mother would have allowed me to marry you.
You see, what happiness depends on?
On Having a taxi.
On having finished one’s military service.
Hello. How are you?
How are you, Guzal?
You don’t love me anymore.
You are not like before, Guzal.
You don’t love me.
Who was that guy?
Who was on the other side of the window?
Do you understand?
You don’t seem to love me.
You are not the Guzal I used to know anymore…
Whom were you staring at under the window?
Hello Guzal. 
What do we have for dinner tonight?
- I will prepare somthing.
Do you want me to come and help?
You are sentenced to death.
-I am happy. I am being killed for my love.
But the court is not happy.
The court does not gain anything by killing someone.
It is the society which gains.
But the court has to defend the value of the families and their principles.
No one except the law is allowed to take the life of other people.
Personally, I wish I was able to do something for you.
He should be punished.
He had asked to marry my daughter a couple of times.
I had said to him that he won’t be able to make my daughter happy.
My son-in-law had provided everything for my daughter.
My daughter didn’t lack anything.
This murderer has taken away my daughter’s happy life.
Any final wish?
I don’t have anyone except my god in this world.
I want to tell him, Dear god, I had a fantastic time in this world, if you ever wanted to bring me back I wish for the same life.
So you do not regret what you have done?
-Before I fell in love, the life was very hard.
I regret the fact that  apart from this few last month I have never been in love in my life.
I do apologies from my god for that.
I have pity on you.
But I can not let you go.
The law has left no room for you.
But you may choose the way you are killed.
I would like to be killed where I fell in Love.
Personally I have an unanswered question.
Her husband was more handsome than you.
You were a peddler and not as handsome as him.
He had a taxi.
What did attract her to you over him?
I don’t know.
But if it is possible, bring her here and asked her so I can see her one more time.
Do you see that old-man.
He has been following us for a long time.
He has talked to my husband twice already. 
Let’s leave.
What do you want?
I want my shoes to be polished.
I will bring it back.
They need to be washed first.
I want my shoes
My shoes
-What do you want from me?
My shoes.
-Why are you following me all the time?
My shoes.
When do you want to stop your wife?
I have seen her many times already cheating on you when you are at work. 
My wife?
If you don’t believe me listen to her voice.
Try the other side of the tape.
It is  a bit more ahead.
I recorded their voices myself.
Why your shoes is with me, then?
I won’t kill you.
We were not born to kill each other.
But I am ready to die.
But I can not stop falling in love.
Hello. welcome. 
Take a sit.
How are you?
You know, we are not real characters.
No one believes us.
You should have killed this man, and I should have sentenced you to death.
and Guzal should have ended up with a bad destiny.
It had been a long time that, I wished I could live like a normal citizen.
All my life, I was doing my social duty.
Since I heard the news about your wedding, I left my job as a judge.
I opened a wedding registry office instead.
A job as a Judge suits someone, who can think of the consequences of a criminal’s action. Not someone who thinks of reasons behind their actions.
Every time I sentenced someone, after hearing their reasons; I kept thinking what would have I done if I were in their exact situation…
I brought you my canaries, so you won’t feel lonely.
Why did you do that?
I was in love with her for two years.
I would go and sing for her under their window at nights.
Then, she would come and pour water over my head.
It made me love her even more.
When you told me about her, I beat her.
Why did I beat her? why? 
She was in love too.
If I can fall in love, why shouldn’t she?
This is your wedding present.
-Now we are together.
But still I am not happy.
-What is happiness?
I don’t know.
Now I feel my heart is with him.
-Wait, I will go and get him.
Excuse me for leaving your ceremony.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
Canary was an excuse.
Tell me, where is Guzal?