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Hana and Meysam Makhmalbaf in the International House of Cultures

In view of the screening of ‘Joy of Madness’ by Hana Makhmalbaf and ‘How Samira Made the Blackboard’ by Meysam Makhmalbaf, the two Iranian directors will attend Berlin’s International House of Cultures in Germany on 26-28 March 2004.

Post date: Thursday, 15 January, 2004 - 00:00

Screening of ‘Joy of Madness’ and ‘At Five in the Afternoon’ in Japan

The feature film ‘At Five in the Afternoon’ by Samira Makhmalbaf and ‘Joy of Madness’ Hana Makhmalbaf’s first feature film will be shown in theaters in Japan on 4th of March Samira and Hana will travel to Japan on the mentioned date for press interviews

Post date: Saturday, 10 January, 2004 - 00:00

‘Stray Dogs’ Feature Film Directed by Marziyeh Meshkiny

‘Stray Dogs’, Marziyeh Meshkiny’s second feature film which will begin shooting in Afghanistan in December of this year, received production permit from the Ministry of Culture. The film will be produced by Makhmalbaf Film House with Ebrahim Ghafouri as director of photography, Farrokh...

Post date: Friday, 31 October, 2003 - 00:00

They just thought I was a kid with a video

Hana Makhmalbaf's first feature premiered at the Venice film festival - shame she was too young to be allowed in. She talks to Fiachra Gibbons
Monday October 27, 2003
The Guardian

It takes a special type of bravery to stand in front of Iranian film...

Post date: Monday, 27 October, 2003 - 21:00

Samira Makhmalbaf winner of the Golden Peacock and 500,000 Rupees from India

The film ‘At Five in the Afternoon’ by Samira Makhmalbaf won the Golden Peacock, competition (first prize) for best film at the 34th International Film Festival of India held from October 9-19 2003 in Delhi.
She also won the festival’s cash prize for 500,000 rupees (equivalent of...

Post date: Sunday, 19 October, 2003 - 21:30

At Five in the Afternoon and Joy of Madness in London Film Festival

The films At Five in the Afternoon by Samira Makhmalbaf and Joy of Madness by Hana Makhmalbaf will be shown in the 47th London Film Festival from October 22 to November 6th of this year. Hana and Samira will both attend this festival. Samira Makhmalbaf first attended this festival in 1998 with...

Post date: Friday, 17 October, 2003 - 14:28

The Asian Filmmaker Award for Mohsen Makhmalbaf


The Pusan Film Festival in South Korea presented the 2003 Asian Filmmaker Award to Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

Post date: Wednesday, 15 October, 2003 - 00:00

Publication of Forough Farokhzad Poems in South Korea


The 8th Pusan Film Festival held a program titled “Forough Farokhzad, the Iranian Cinema’s Big Sister” in honor of the poetess. In the program Forough’s poems were recited in Korean. Also a book titled “The Wind Will Carry Us” has been published which includes Forough’s poems in English...

Post date: Friday, 10 October, 2003 - 00:00

Samira Makhmalbaf invited to 8 international film festival as a Jury member

The internationaly known Iranian film-maker Samira Makhmalbaf, 23 years old, who won special jury award of Cannes film festival 2003 and Grand prize of Society of churches of world for the film “At 5 in the afternoon” is invited to 8 international film festival as a jury member...

Post date: Monday, 30 June, 2003 - 00:00


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