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Samira Makhmalbaf winner of the Golden Peacock and 500,000 Rupees from India

Sun, 19/10/2003 - 21:30

The film ‘At Five in the Afternoon’ by Samira Makhmalbaf won the Golden Peacock, competition (first prize) for best film at the 34th International Film Festival of India held from October 9-19 2003 in Delhi.
She also won the festival’s cash prize for 500,000 rupees (equivalent of 12,500 dollars).
In a message that Samira Makhmalbaf sent to the Festival: while admiring India’s profoundly peaceful and non-violent culture that has even influenced Iran’s present day political culture, she expressed that India’s Golden Peacock Prize belongs to all Iranians and by the Makhmalbaf family tradition she dedicated it to the Iranian Cinema Museum.
She also presented the 500,000-rupees cash prize to the Mother Teresa NGO active in the expansion of human rights especially women and children in India.