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Hana Makhmalbaf wins the Crystal Bear at Berlin Film Festival

Sat, 16/02/2008 - 00:00

Hana Makhmalbaf the 19 year old Iranian filmmaker whose film "Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame" competed in the Generation section of Berlin Film Festival won the "Crystal Bear" as the best feature film. The Berlin Festival’s Crystal Bear is the 8th prize for the film "Buddha…" and the 11th international award for Hana Makhmalbaf.

While receiving her prize Hana said: "Thank you. I’m very delighted to receive this award. Thank you again but I would like to take the opportunity and remind you of a deeper point. Right in this moment that I’m receiving this prize lots of people in the world are still going to bed hungry at night. Many intellectuals are spending time in prisons and many children are becoming homeless because of wars. Will these films and prizes one day find their true meaning and put an end to all this poverty, prisons and wars? I make films in dreaming for that day."