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Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Original Title: Mohsen Makhmalbaf 
Compiled by: Alberto Barbera & Umberto Mosca

Subject: Review and study on Mohsen Makhmalbaf and his works (Articles, Dialogues and scripts, Photographs, Reviews)
Language: Italian
Cover design: Andrea Busto
Number of pages: 160 pages
Book size: 14 X 22
Print: First
Publish year: 1996
Publisher: Fetival Internazionale Cinema Giovani (lindau), Italy

Extract from the book:
Wener Hertzog:
The movie "Once upon a time Cinema" is a poem praising the total cinema and not only Iranian cinema. In the movie "The peddler", the viewer is affected by the way death is expressed. I have never and nowhere seen death the way you have displayed it. But I like the cyclist most of all.
The way you image is very exciting and interesting for me. Your cinema language is interesting, personal, cinematic and it belongs to you and could not be seen anywhere else. When a viewer watches your movie he notices that you are self-educated, a person whom has built cinema for himself and has been very successful in this regard and you have built it in a poetic way. The poem that you are reciting would not stay in the limitations of one country, but it travels beyond the borders and the rest of the world would understand this poem as well.
In 300 years the journalists would notice that Iranian filmmakers have been like Ferdowsi and Omar Khayam and in fact you are the poets of this period. (Film monthly, Iran, No 156.)
Jill Jacob:
In the 100th birthday of the cinema I would like to announce the birth of a worldwide filmmaker. He is Mohsen Makhmalbaf, the Iranian filmmaker, whom if given better facilities, could create his masterpiece. (The speech of Jill Jacob in the 100th birthday of cinema in Cannes, 1995)