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The 26th Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) paid tribute to Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf with a...

The prestigious Robert Bresson Award of Venice Film Festival went to the Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

The Galway Film Fleadh (festival), which takes place during July in Ireland every year, has given its “highest honour - the...

43rd La Rochelle International Film Festival, which is held from 26 of June till 5 of July in France, has paid a tribute...


The Guardian
by: Peter Bradshaw

The President review – a formidable political parable

Who knew Mohsen Makhmalbaf could direct a satirical drama-thriller? This Iranian film-maker – renowned and revered for complex, demanding art movies such as Gabbeh (1995) and Kandahar (2001) – hits a bold new stride with this film, which I first saw at Venice last year, co-written with his wife, Marziyeh Meshkiny, herself a formidable film-maker. It’s a movie parable about political realities such as the Arab spring and indeed Eastern Europe, with echoes of Twain and Beckett, the sort of movie that Milos Foreman could have made decades ago, yet it feels modern and sharp...
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Chicago Reader
by: Jonathan ROSENBAUM

" Under the Chador "
The Day I Became a Woman
A must-see

Directed by Marzieh Meshkini
Written by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
With Fatemeh Cheragh Akhtar, Hassan Nabehan, Shabnam Toloui, Cyrus Kahouri Nejad, Azizeh Seddighi, and Badr Irouni Nejad.

“Aren’t you afraid?” some of my stateside friends asked before I visited Iran for the first time last February. “Only of American bombs,” I replied. Notwithstanding all of the things that are currently illegal there — such as men and women shaking hands or riding in the same sections of buses — I’m not sure I’ve ever been    anyplace where people display more social sophistication in terms of hospitality, everyday courtesy, or sheer enterprise in the use of charm and persistence to get what they want. Some of this character... read more