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'Ongoing Smile' Mohsen Makhmalbaf's latest documentary, filmed in South Korea in English language, will go on screen in...

Hong Kong Independent film festival which is held from 18 - 26 of January 2014, has devoted its focus program to the...

The fifth edition of CiBRA Film Festival which took place from 22nd of November to 1st of December in the city of Toledo in...

The 14th edition of Tokyo Filmex International Film Festival which takes place from 23rd of November to 1st of December in...



Directed by: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
This Friday, Apri 9 On BBC Persian
Times: Tehran 21:00 / London 17:30
London Repeat Time:
Sat: 09:30  / Sun: 20:30
Tues: 11:30  / Wed: 20:30
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