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Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s “ Ongoing Smile ” in Festival Of Tolerance 2014

Fri, 23/05/2014 - 00:30

'Ongoing Smile' Mohsen Makhmalbaf's latest documentary, filmed in South Korea in English language, will go on screen in Festival of Tolerance 2014.
The 8th edition of the festival is held from 18  to 24th of May in Zagreb.
Mohsen Makhmalbaf explains the film:
“ We, as human being, used to search for the ways to live longer. Now, that the our life expectancy has gone up, we are faced with a new challenge of how to fill this long life properly. The question is, would it at all possible to live longer and not become depressed and end up in elderly's house?
KIM Dong-Ho, a man from South Korea pictured in the film Ongoing Smile, shows us how you can enjoy your life, and at the same time be very useful to your society even if when you are 74 years old."
This film has also been screened in other international film festival like Busan, Beirut, Tokyo Filmex and London Korean Film Festival so far.
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Source: Festival Of Tolerence 2014