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Stray Dogs in Venice Film Festival 2004

Fri, 30/07/2004 - 19:00

'Stray Dogs' directed by Marziyeh Meshkiny was accepted in the Venice Film Festival 2004 competition. 'Stray Dogs' is Marziyeh Meshkiny's second feature film. Her first feature film, 'The Day I Became A Woman' was also screened in the Critics Week of the Venice Film Festival 2000 and it won three international prizes from that festival. During the past four years this film has been shown in theaters in Iran, France, Switzerland, Spain, Benelux, Greece, the US, Korea, Japan and England and it has been shown on television in Australia and Greece. Soon it will be shown in theaters in Germany and Austria. 'The Day I Became A Woman' has had an active presence in international film festivals and has won 13 international prizes, all dedicated to Iran's Cinema Museum. Prior to its first international screening in Venice the film was banned in Iran for one year.